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About us:

Art is the expression of human creativity and enables people to express themselves in their own personal style. Art generates moments of inspiration, emotion, phantasy....

You can experience art and you can living art...

Under the qualified leadership of Matthias Gessler the ArtWebDesign Academy connects art, photography, photosychology, webdesign and e-learning in a unique manner.

The core competencies from ArtWebDesign are in the fields of analogue and digital art photography, digital image processing, digital design, digital film, modern pedagogy, e-learning, webprogramming as well as intercultural communication.

Against the background of a profound development in the field of new media it is our goal to unfold the multifaceted possibilities of art in this field and use them in economy, science and society.

We think photography is an artistic medium, which influences the human experience and behaviour. A young field of psychology, the photopsychology, is concerned with the enormous scope of impact of photographic work on the human psyche. People have pictoral memories, they are thinking (nearly solely, as Arnheim thinks) in pictures. The pictoral thinking of people can be influenced and changed by photography (Schuster, K. 2005:1).

We use the art of photography as a central aspect and basis for professional internetdesign.

Furthermore we realize the enormous importance of online realtime seminars (as part of e-learning) as a transnational and geographically independent virtual learning platform. It is an attractive possibility for cross-border education and study.

We highly appreciate quality, actuality and relation to practice in our trainings. With the creation of our artwebdesign-study, we want to pay tribute to the synergies between art and new media. Presenting us as an holistic thinking institution we always work on topics in a comprehensive manner. This enables us to tap the full potential of the artistic photography.

All our seminars are modularised according the ECTS-system (European Credit Transfer System), a european valuation system for studies. Hence we are in accordance with the european guidelines for the assessment of studies.

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